Taiga Chocolate - Your Favourite Treat For The Year Of The Pig

Chinese New Year - The Year of the Pig is just around the corner - And we are super excited about it and all the celebrations that will come along. The upcoming year is going to be the Pig’s year which is the twelfth animal in the Chinese zodiac signs.  In the traditional Chinese culture, Pigs are seen as the symbol of wealth and fortune - We sure hope that your future year holds both of them!

In addition to wealth and fortune, wellbeing is just as important - Or maybe even more. Taiga Chocolates are a combination of wholesome, handmade natural dark chocolate with a selection of tasteful, healthy toppings from pure Nordic nature. Whether you choose wild bilberries, lingonberries, sea buckthorn or intriguing smelt fish to your Chinese New Year Chocolate - You can’t go wrong with Taiga, as you would be starting your year with healthy treats to boost your body and mind to its best possible version!


Try Out Delicious Dark Chocolate with Lingonberries!

There are also some taboos related to Chinese New Year, for example avoiding saying any negative words during the celebration. To us this taboo sounds very reasonable - After all, New Year is the time for hope and excitement about the future. Taiga Chocolate promotes happiness throughout the year and finding joy in the simplest things in life. If you choose Taiga as your Chinese New Year’s Chocolate - you might get lucky and have your new year filled with magical arctic joy and energy.

Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring festival, although it is celebrated during the cold winter month. When you think of it, it makes perfect sense, as during the celebrations people are welcoming the spring - Meaning fresh start and new opportunities. We at Taiga are very thrilled about that - Even though we love our snowy winters, after a long dark period the spring is more than welcome. We are lucky to have all the beautiful four seasons in our country - Spring definitely being one of the most mesmerizing of them with all the new life it’s bringing with it.

Or would you rather try Dark Chocolate with Sea Buckthorn Berries?

If you want to make your celebration even more memorable, Taiga Chocolate would be the perfect gift for the Chinese New Year. Health and wellbeing are some of the main characters behind our chocolates, and each flavour is carefully selected to cater and promote the image of the importance of wellbeing. When talking about health - It is not just physical but also mental, which is too often forgotten. Taiga’s most luscious chocolates will offer you to benefit both of these sides. Arctic berries are full of vitamins and nutrients to help your body to work with its full potential - And the tasteful dark chocolate will take care of your mental side with the endorphins that it will release with each bite. What more could you hope for your Chinese New Year Chocolate?

Hopefully, your New Year is going to be successful and spend around your loved ones - And may your year be filled with love, fortune and unforgettable memories. 

Explore the full assorted collection of Taiga Chocolate and find the best flavour for your Chinese New Year Celebrations! 

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