Our chocolate

Carefully handcrafted from arctic ingredients


Taiga Chocolate is carefully handcrafted from only the best ingredients, and it is known for its rich world of tastiness, first-class quality and unique combination of flavours, all inspired by arctic nature. The chocolate is made from raw ingredients sourced from local and small businesses only. 

Our chocolates are all vegan. Not to forget, studies also show that dark chocolate includes positive health benefits such as antioxidant flavonoids, that promote health and well-being, and the serotonin precursor tryptophan, also known as the happiness hormone. Taiga Chocolate's berries retain up to 97% of the vitamins in the freeze-drying process, so our chocolates are a real superfood for both the mind and the body. The sensuality of the rich Taiga chocolate does not obscure the flavours. Instead, the aromas of the berries come out in an unprecedented way. Our chocolate contains 56% cocoa, which guarantees a rich taste experience of the chocolate melting in your mouth, without unnecessary additives. The natural, enchanting vanilla aroma used in our chocolates comes from a small producer from Madagascar.

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Award-winning quality chocolate produced responsibly

As a responsible business, we aim to offer our adventurous, chocolate-loving customers first-class experiences that can be enjoyed without needing to feel guilty. Taiga Chocolate ensures that the chocolate production has respected the enduring values ​​accurately during every step. Courage, innovation and a passion for Finnish nature have also made Taiga Chocolate an award-winning business internationally. In 2018, Taiga Chocolate received an award in the Best Natural and Organic Product category at the international NOPA ceremony in Hong Kong. Besides, we were also awarded the Best Confectionery Product award in Singapore at the Asia Food Innovation 2019 Awards Ceremony.

Our delicious selection currently includes six dark chocolate flavours, three milk chocolate flavours, as well as a pink ruby ​​chocolate flavour and a white chocolate.

Join us on  the taste journey of a lifetime and experience the magic of arctic nature.