Tailor-made Chocolate & Custom Corporate Gifts

Tailored chocolates as a corporate gift or to make your business event extra-special

Now you have a chance to dress Taiga's award-winning chocolates up into your own, fully customisable, personalised chocolate packaging.

Are you looking for an impressive, unique and tasty corporate gift? One that represents the Nordic quality at its finest? Something that illustrates your brand's visual identity and story, surprisingly and deliciously?

Skip the same-old boring corporate gifts that won't surprise your business partners or employees. Instead, make an everlasting impression and treat your colleagues and partners with Taiga's award-winning Arctic chocolates. Our delicious and visually appealing chocolates illustrate the Nordic hand-made quality and luxury at a very best. The best thing about this? We can tailor the packages fully within your brand's visual identity. You can either design the package by yourself or if you want more time for the rest of the planning, you can also leave it with us.

Personalised Wedding Chocolate into a Goodie Bag

Are you looking for an exclusive, charming and deliciously unique way to remember your wedding guests? Taiga's fully customisable personalised wedding chocolate is a perfect choice!

Weddings are all about the little details. Remembering your guests with a small personalised gift will be an unforgettable and lovely gesture, that will create memories for a lifetime. Share your love through an irresistible customised package that includes a bar of award-winning chocolate and you will ensure your special day will be nothing but unforgettable. 

Get in touch with us today and let's plan your big day together.