5 Reasons Why Taiga Chocolate Enchants Your New Year 2019

For many people, New Year is about new beginnings, challenges, lifestyle changes or pursuing the best version of yourself. Most of the time all of this can be quite overwhelming, and usually, it is best to take baby steps instead of changing your life completely overnight. If some of your New Year goals are for instance switching into healthier diet or become truly happy with your life and yourself - keep on reading, because we here at Taiga have a few solutions how we will enchant your year 2019.

Health Benefits of Nordic Berries

Paying more attention to your health and changing diet towards healthier one is probably one of the most popular new year targets. Instead of being too strict to yourself, we will suggest you take everything in moderation. Our delicious chocolates will provide you with a chance to take this step of moving towards a healthier life without restricting yourself too much. Are you aware of that Nordic berries are filled with vitamins, antioxidants and fibre - pure superfood indeed! They are also known for their anti-inflammatory benefits, supporting digestion and cardiovascular system and preventing obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. Grown in a wild Arctic forest, these berries have absorbed the crisp Nordic air and endless sunlight during the summer. Packed with vitamins such as A, B1, B2, C, K and E, they are famous for anti-aging benefits, strengthening the immune system and being beneficial for the eye-health. Not to be forgetting their intriguing, Arctic taste - is there honestly anything better than that?

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Nordic berries aren’t the only ones with outstanding health benefits, In fact - dark chocolate is also superfood on its own. Rich on fibre, nutrition, iron, magnesium and an excellent source of antioxidants - dark chocolate is something that we will recommend you to add on your New Year’s diet. Some studies show that dark chocolate has benefits to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, and of course boosting the production of endorphins that is commonly known as the “happy hormone”. Endorphins will help to reduce stress, depression and anxiety, which often occur during the dark winter months, even with people who might generally find themselves happy.

Taiga is From Finland - Happiest Country in the world

Finland has ranked being the happiest country in the world in recent studies. You might wonder what the secret for that is? We here at Taiga want to believe that our beautiful, clean Nordic nature is one of the most significant impacts on happiness and well-being. However, there are no hidden secrets for finding happiness, it all starts from within yourself - appreciating small things and finding pure joy from your everyday life. Finnish people tend to love simplicity, and we are quite modest by our nature with a hint of something extraordinary. Taiga Chocolate perfectly reflects the distinctive characteristic of Finland and Finns - pure, natural flavours with exciting and unique combinations. Our way to share a bit of pure happiness into your daily life.

Gluten-free Chocolate

Taiga Chocolate is gluten-free, which makes it even more incredible as people can also enjoy it with for example celiac diseases, IBS, arthritis or gluten sensitivity. There are too many health benefits of going gluten-free, such as improving your body’s cholesterol levels and overall digestive health.

Handmade chocolate

Each Taiga Chocolate product is handmade - it is our way to guarantee the possible quality and our love for the chocolate. We want to deliver you the magic of Arctic ingredients and making our products by hand ensures this. We hope that while enjoying our Taiga Chocolate, you can feel the connection with Nordic nature through its unique flavours - and hopefully, you will take a bit of Nordic lifestyle and keys of happiness to your New Year 2019.

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