Where everything began?

The story of Taiga Chocolate began in Vaasa, Finland, in 2018, with five ladies who were passionate about their handmade luxury chocolate. They felt that the world needed to get a taste of arctic, nature-inspired goodies, and as fellow chocolate lovers, their mission was to increase happiness around the world one piece at a time. 

Happy Energy from Arctic Surroundings

The positive power of chocolate isn't a myth. Our dark chocolate includes antioxidant flavonoids that are beneficial for well-being, as well as tryptophans and important amino acids for the production of serotonin, which is more commonly known as a happiness hormone. 
The berries used in Taiga Chocolate are picked up from the untouched Northern nature, and in the dry-freezing process, up to 97% of the nutrients can be retained; therefore, our chocolates are an actual superfood for both your mind and soul. All the clean and raw ingredients are from smaller Finnish producers all across the country.

About Us

Our responsible values, sustainable development and love for nature are the core of Taiga Chocolate. Our driving forces for creating unprecedented experiences for adventurous chocolate lovers are wild creativity, innovation and never-ending fearlessness. We stand for cleanliness, support small and local businesses and promise to offer exclusive, handmade quality mixed with brave but sensitive choices for every sweet tooth. All our products are a combination of pureness, versatility and the wholeness of the arctic nature.

In our unique packaging, we are proudly showcasing the Finnish design, and proudly believe that Taiga Chocolate would be a perfect gift to a friend, a loved one or even for yourself – just on its own. Our business clients, for whom our design team creates bespoke products, combines Taiga and their own brand; they have found our beautifully dressed and decorated chocolate to be a great way to thank their clients and staff.

The Joy of the North to the World

Taiga Chocolate awards

Taiga's thoroughly bespoke, handmade products have been widely noted in Finland as well as internationally. In 2018, our fish chocolate was met with adoration as well as a surprise by many and won in the Best Natural and Organic category at the international NOPA exhibit in Hong Kong. In addition, Taiga Chocolate was awarded as the Best Sweet in 2019 in an Asia Food Innovation award ceremony in Singapore.