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Our promise: Enjoying chocolate without the guilt

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At Taiga Chocolate, we are committed to operating responsibly, and through our actions, we want to be involved in creating a sustainable future for chocolate. The decisions we make at Taiga in regards to the economic, social and environmental impact of the business are always made thoughtfully.
Social responsibility and sustainability are important to us as well as to our partners, and we want to ensure that everybody can enjoy our delicious chocolate with a clear conscience.

How is Taiga Chocolate committed to being responsible?

Sustainable chocolate

Cacao Trace

Taiga Chocolate is committed to the sustainable future of chocolate production, and our chocolates are obtained from farmers who are part of the Cacao Trace programme. Cacao Trace redefines the standard for chocolate and ensures tasty and high-end chocolate by offering education and supervision to its partners. They also look after the farming communities and make sure the quality of life improves by giving back some of their profit, in addition to paying a generous price for the crop.

You can read more about the Cacao Trace programme here.

Packaging design

Being ecological is important to us, and our packaging is made of responsibly produced cardboard. All the packaging and other materials are printed in Finland to encourage efficient deliveries.

The ingredients

We respect purity, diversity and pristine nature; hence, sourcing our berries and spices locally is essential. We only collaborate with businesses and partners that share our values, and while developing our product, we have utilised ingredients that wouldn't necessarily be used by others. For example, our award-winning fish chocolate, which is made of Finnish smelt, isn't widely appreciated despite its amazing taste. Through our products, we strive to reduce prejudices, break boundaries and utilise underused, pure, Finnish raw materials.

By purchasing Taiga Chocolate, you can support our ethos and help create a more ethical future.