When Nordic Berries & Wild Arctic Nature Meets Handmade Chocolate

Deep in the forest, the midnight sun ripens the wild Nordic berries to incredibly full and mellow taste and secret healing powers. These are the berries that Lady Taiga picks with careful selection and ancient knowledge. The wild Nordic berries are perfect as they are, therefore, nothing is added to them. We rely on the taste and aroma created by nature, its unsurpassable freshness, crispness and originality.

A picture of Taiga Chocolate - Lingonberry Dark Chocolate

The varied yield of the forest is picked in the dusk of summer nights while the wind is whispering and haze is lingering amidst the trees. Lady Taiga has forest folk to help her, playful elves and funny fairies. The forest folk also help to prepare the chocolate, and the taste and wholesomeness of chocolate are said to be influenced by Aurora Borealis’ glorious colours in the sky while the pot is boiling on Lady Taiga's big stove.

Lady Taiga is no stranger to the seashore, either, because there amidst salty splashes of the sea while the wind is blowing, the seaside gnomes help pick the most wonderful Nordic berry, the sea buckthorn, and lift up caught in the great Neptune’s ocean.

A picture of Taiga Chocolate - Reindeer Dark Chocolate

Each bit of Lady Taiga’s chocolate is the product of the wonderful beauty, purity and sensitivity of Arctic nature. A bite of this chocolate introduces to your palate and mind the midnight sun, the foam of the waves, the twilight of the forest, the smell of the meadow, the squeaking of the snow, the bombardment of Aurora Borealis, all our fantastic seasons.

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