Meet The Retailer: 10 Questions with Jutta Kuure from Taiga Colors

Welcome to follow the new blog series, which takes place on Taiga's channels throughout the fall. 'Meet The Retailer' is a series where we want to give the spotlight to our beloved curated retailers in Finland and beyond. 

The retailers get their chance to introduce themselves, their work, passions, inspirations and their connection with the pure and wild world of Taiga Chocolate. We hope you are as excited as we are to meet our retailers, explore their visions, values, tips and all in all get to know a bit better the people behind the brands.  

At the first part of the series, we got a chance to sit down with Jutta Kuure, the founder of Taiga Colors, a Finnish design brand, situated in the heart of Helsinki, the vibrant capital of Finland. Jutta is a professional photographer with an endless love towards nature, colors and adventures, later translated this passion into pattern design. Kuure is an enthusiastic explorer whose world-travels indeed reflects where Taiga Colors is today.  

Within the interview, we discussed, among other things about what inspires her the most in regards to Taiga Colors' designs. What are her favourite bits in Finland, the future plans for her business, why Taiga Colors and Taiga Chocolate are genuinely a 'match made in heaven' and so on.

Enjoy the interview! 

1. Could you tell us more about yourself? How did it all start? We'd love to know more about the story of Taiga Colors!

I am a professional photographer and a pattern designer, and I have my own store Taiga Colors in the heart of Helsinki. Originally I did corporate photography. 10 years ago I had an exhibition from my Borneo rainforest pictures, and my whole company and the different collections of Taiga Colors all have evolved from that exhibition. I have always loved nature, adventure and the two combined. I also find urban details very inspiring, and I design a lot of urban patterns with cranes, planes, and so on. In addition to our own collections, I do also custom design for other companies and the public sector.

2. What inspires you?

Details. Nature. Sea. Forest. Urban views. Aviation. Being kissed by a brown bear. Jumping out of a plane. Climbing up a mountain. Ice swimming. I want to make a difference with my designs, bring happiness to people through my patterns, and design items that are useful and have a long life span. 

3. What makes the Finnish design special?

Long, dark and cold winters in Finland. We need to be inspired in order to feel good during the dark season.

4. How did you find Taiga Chocolate?

I think it was through a friend originally. Sending lots of love to Elina ♥

5. Why do you think Taiga Colors and Taiga Chocolate are a good match?

Taiga and Taiga are both really inspired by Finnish nature. Even our colors happen to match. It is a match made in heaven, and it looks as the two would have been designed together.

6. What is your favourite Taiga flavour?

That is a tough question since I love them all! I think that I would have to say Ruby Chocolate with Raspberries, but then my favorite changes by the day. 

7. Could you share your three favourite things about Helsinki and Finland overall?

My favorite place in Helsinki is Helsinki-Malmi Airport. A cultural heritage site with interesting history and architecture, an aviation hub with hidden knowledge already over 80 years. Another important place for me in Helsinki is Eiranranta, since I go cold water or ice swimming there every morning year around. I also love the Finnish forest. We have so-called every man's rights in Finland, so anyone can go into the forest to pick berries and mushrooms, or just to relax and breath the healthy forest air. 

8. What're your next plans for Taiga Colors?

I think that Taiga Colors could have a few little stores around the world in addition to our Helsinki flagship store. Maybe Tokyo, Melbourne, San Francisco and New York? And with Taiga cushions and interior design, you could find Taiga Chocolate at our shelves. Naturally!

 9. Where are you selling your products? How our readers can find you?

Helsinki store: Unioninkatu 28 (at Tori Quarters, between the Senate Square and the Market Square)


10. Anything else you'd like to add?

I really love to talk to people around the world, so please come and say hi if you are in the neighbourhood!

And we definitely will! Thank you so much, Jutta, for sharing your inspiring story with us today. Stay tuned for more exciting interviews with our retailers through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. 

- Taiga Chocolate - 

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