Velvet Dreams For The Chocolate Lovers & Protein For The Adventurers

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February has been a busy time for Taiga Chocolate, as we have launched not just one - but two new delicious flavours - which are, in fact, very distinct from each other. Keep on reading if you wish to discover more information about our latest inventions.

Warning! This article may cause severe chocolate cravings, and after finishing this text, you may find yourself clicking our webshop and adding some new chocolates into your basket.

Ruby Chocolate with Raspberries

Our beloved Valentine’s day special - Ruby Chocolate with Raspberries, is the ultimate pink dream you could ever imagine chocolate to be. Even though this luscious flavour was primarily created only for Valentine's Day within a limited edition - it can be now enjoyed throughout the year because of its popularity. We would like to think of this chocolate to be the one to share with your special someone, a dear friend or a family member - in fact, with anyone you love. Ruby Chocolate with Raspberries will create unforgettable memories with the person you love, and every time you will be enjoying this unique flavour, it will take you straight back to them.

Like all the other Taiga’s products, Ruby Chocolate with Raspberries contains Finnish berries from the mesmerizing Northern Finland. Raspberries are one the most magical berries you could ever think of, and their cute, sheer appearance will make anyone fall in love with them. Raspberries are not your typical berries; they are sweet yet interesting containing an undertone which makes them taste very subtle and fresh. It could be said that an absolute match made in heaven with our pink Ruby Chocolate.

We would recommend you to be quick and order yours now if you are intrigued to have a bite of this luxurious, velvety Valentine’s dream!

Dark Chocolate with Cultivated House Crickets

From the sweet pink let’s move onto our next new family member, which is a bit more adventurous flavour, so to speak. Especially in Finland in the past few years, crickets have achieved the status of being a trending protein source. Along with the protein, they are also a great source of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Eating crickets are beneficial to your gut health, as it supports the growth of healthy bacteria, in other words, probiotics. Consuming crickets may also reduce the inflammation of the body, and they are an excellent source of a different type of fibre called chitin, which is different from the fibre that vegetables and fruits contain.

Our Dark Chocolate with Cultivated House Crickets is the wonderful spring flavour, which will make you instantly hop into the sunny spring mood and boost your energy levels. As you may know, Taiga Chocolate’s speciality is creating interesting mixtures and combine ingredients you might have never thought before. The crunchiness of the crickets and the smooth Dark Chocolate will lead your soul of an explorer on to a whole new level.

Can you keep a straight face, do you have the nerve to try it out now?

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