Our ingredients

The versatility of Finnish nature is the biggest source of inspiration for us. All of our ingredients come from local small businesses all around Finland. Our chocolate is known for its surprising and unique ingredients that take you on an adventure of a lifetime through the beautiful fells and the magical forests. 

Finnish berries are full of health benefits

We at Taiga Chocolate respect the Finnish nature, its purity and integrity. Our berries are put through the freeze-drying process, which ensures that they retain up to 97% of the vitamins. The rich and elegant Taiga Chocolate doesn’t hide the fresh taste away, but via the freeze-drying process, the stunning aroma of the berries can be experienced like never before. Our chocolates are a real superfood for your mind as well as your body.

Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn has a lot to offer health benefits as well as visual beauty. The berry grows by the Gulf of Botnia and Åland’s shores, and due to its acidic and aromatic type, it’s also known as a so-called health bomb. It has the most nutrients out of all the wild berries of Finland. The glowing yellow berry contains plenty of vitamins C and E, dietary fibre and beneficial fatty acids for the body. The fatty acids in sea buckthorns are used in omega-3 products as well as in cosmetics. In Taiga Chocolates, it’s paired with both dark and milk chocolate. Experience the power of the autumn storms in the Gulf of Botnia whilst tasting the rich aromas of a handcrafter-quality chocolate.


The sweet berry of the Finnish forest that grows across the country is not the nation’s favourite for no reason. Everybody loves bilberries, and the fibre-filled dark bilberry is like no other and is a perfect addition to any chocolate. It might taste sweet, but it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be beneficial for your health. Bilberries are commonly known as a source of vitamin E and fibre. The forest-grown berries also have up to four times more anthocyanins compared to farmed bush blueberries. Taste it either with milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate


Bitter but beautiful, the red lingonberry is one of the oldest favourites of the forests. Did you know that lingonberries have been used in Finnish kitchens for centuries? They also don’t lack vitamins, as they are full of vitamins E and C and include minerals such as manganese, which is known as a source of dietary fibre. They also have different kinds of polyphenols, the health effects which are being studied extensively.

Additionally, other health benefits found in lingonberries are, for instance, lignans, proanthocyanidins and resveratrol. Lingonberry contains amounts of resveratrol similar to red wine’s dark grapes. This might explain why our lingonberry dark chocolate is the favourite of red wine lovers. Lingonberries can be found in our milk chocolate and dark chocolate.


Our seasonal red and round berry from Northern Finland is the cranberry. It is paired successfully with our famous Santa Claus chocolate. Vitamin intake is important in general, but especially during the darker months, and the cranberry is a great source for vitamin C. Its bitter taste contains multiple natural acids; combined with our handcrafted Christmassy white chocolate, they work perfectly together.


The pink, dreamy raspberry is, without a doubt, the princess of boreal nature; it is known as a perfect dessert or as a snack on its own. It is a great addition to the ruby chocolate that is made from the ruby cacao beans. This berry is refreshing, vitamin-bearing and full of aroma, and it is also known to strengthen your immune system. It is full of fibre and folates, which Finns lack according to studies. Ruby raspberry chocolate is one of our best sellers. Order yours now, and you will understand why.

Unique spicy flavours

Finnish smelt fish

The most exotic and undeniably most unique flavour is straight from the waters of Lapland. The Finnish smelt, seasoned with a secret recipe from a Laplandish fisher, is a fish of the night that you can normally find in freshwater. Its reputation hasn’t always been good, but it has now found its place mixed in our dark chocolate. We at Taiga Chocolate believe in sustainability; hence, we want to offer new and unique innovations in the world of chocolate. This chocolate combination that caused the most surprise is now Taiga’s most popular flavour as well. This success is reflected in the 2018 Best Natural and Organic Product award it received in Hong Kong, as well as the Best Confectionary Product award it received in Singapore, at the Asia Food Innovation 2019. You can not miss this rare delicacy!


This is organic at its best. The alder-smoked and air-dried 100% reindeer meat comes from the Lapland fells of Salla, whose slogan is ‘middle of nowhere’. Produced organically and without additives, crispy and salty reindeer groats are made of meat from reindeer that are grown in the wilderness and are now part of the Taiga Chocolate family. The reindeer chocolate is undeniably a favourite of the tourists of Lapland. The pleasant mixture of sweet and savoury will certainly take you on a culinary journey to the magical country with the beautiful northern lights.

Cultivated House Cricket

Insect food is a phenomenon of the future that is slowly gaining its place in Finland as well. As an open-minded company, Taiga Chocolate is one of the pioneers of insect confectionery. Crickets provide an organic animal protein full of health benefits. It is no wonder that the cricket has been selected as a quirky but perfectly functional companion for Taiga’s quality dark chocolate. Did you know that dried cricket contains up to 60% protein and has fatty acids comparable to salmon in addition to minerals and vitamins? Therefore Taiga’s cricket chocolate has many benefits, and it can even be enjoyed after a workout.

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