Taiga Chocolate: Officially Award Winning Chocolate | NOPA 2018

On the 29th of August, we were delighted to see Taiga's ‘Dark Chocolate with Smelt Fish’ win the first prize for ‘Outstanding Natural/Organic Product’ at the Natural & Organic Awards Asia 2018 in Hong Kong.

NOPA (Natural & Organic Products Asia) Fairs has grown to become one the most established natural and organic products sourcing platform in Asia since they launched the trade show in 2014. The expo seeks to be a gateway to the flourishing organic market and lauds businesses that worship nature.
"The Natural & Organic Awards Asia celebrates the achievements and contributions of industry professionals, giving recognition to innovative ideas and newly-launched products. The awards are a benchmark for excellence and set the standard for quality and commitment in the natural and organic industry."

The trade show was an invaluable opportunity for us to present all the flavours we have to offer and mesmerize the visitors with the exquisite tastes of Taiga chocolate. However, one of the greatest moments was to see the guests being amused by our brand-new Santa Claus chocolate which was exclusively showcased at NOPA and will be on the market by Christmas!

Although the Santa Claus chocolate had its moment, our acclaimed Dark Chocolate with Smelt Fish was the one that really stole the show. Our exotic flavour amazed judges and visitors and took home the award for ‘Outstanding Natural/Organic Product’.   
This is our most outstanding chocolate due to its exotic combination - the surprising aspect of the fish becomes evident when the bar is unwrapped, and the unexpected luscious taste hits you upon taking your first bite.
We would like to thank the NOPA trade show for this honour sincerely. Winning the competition is a recognition of the quality we pursue to achieve, both in nourishment and taste. The prize symbolises the hard work that our team puts in to create our magnificent range of chocolates. We will always reflect on this recognition with great fondness, as well as respecting this organisation for valuing pure, fresh ingredients that mother nature can give us.

Taiga Chocolate presented at the Food From Finland's stand. 

Also, we would like to thank our talented lady Taiga, Anne, who is the fairy that created the recipe for chocolate that truly makes your mouth water. Just one single bite can take your mind to a mysterious Arctic forest in Finland. 

Last but not least, we want to thank you! Your support is essential in our ongoing story, and we are always so grateful of your continued encouragement, daring to try our exotic flavours.

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