Everything You Need to Know About Nordic Berries

One of the greatest treasures of the Arctic nature is its delicious, fresh and pure wild berries. They are notorious for their charming looks and are in high demand globally since most of them are exclusively grown in Northern European forests. Although they are smaller than a farmed berry, they are filled with healthy vitamins and sweet flavours!

Here are the things you will love to know about these adorable tiny treats:

Nordic Berries and Culture: A Scandinavian Hobby

nordic berries + blueberry

It is surprising that in most parts of Scandinavia, you can find pure organic berries for free. Welcome to the Arctic forests, home of superfood ingredients, accessible for everyone. One of the main summer/spring activities is to handpick these luscious berries and use them as a perfect ingredient for bakes, juices and so on. One study shows that 56% of Finns, regardless of their socioeconomic status, go to pick wild berries at least seven times each summer.

When the sun is rising and shining in Nordic countries, grandmothers get ready for their favourite type of hunting and spend the day in the forests. They are the most passionate berry pickers since 87% of them in the age group 60-74 pick wild berries.

Nordic Berries and You: Your Health Booster

lingonberry + nordic berries + dark chocolate


Nordic Berries are not only tasty, but they are sturdy little fruits that can change your health and life forever!

They are antioxidants heroes – The main perk of adding any berries to your diet is that these tiny pieces of magic are highly rich in antioxidants. This substance fights molecules that can damage your cells; therefore, berries can prevent inflammation and even cancer!

Your heart loves them – Nordic berries are heart-healthy food. They not only help to lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar and insulin levels but also enhance the function of your arteries. The berries improve endothelial performance which helps to control blood pressure and keeps blood from clotting, therefore, preventing heart disease.

Natural skin care – Do you want to be forever young? Well, Nordic berries may help you at least look like! These berries reduce skin ageing because they are collagen-boosting. This is a protein fibre that makes the skin stronger and healthier. Vitamin C forms and stores collagen and antioxidants and ellagic acid which block enzymes that break down collagen.

Nordic berries stand out for fitting in – Yes, you don’t need to hesitate before eating Nordic berries. They are included in various kinds of diets and should only be avoided by people that are allergic to them. They are low in calories, high in fibre, contain many vitamins and minerals, and they are incredibly nutritious and delicious!

Nordic Berries and Taiga: Our Secret Ingredient for a Finnish Experience!

Nordic berries + blueberry + dark chocolate

As you know, we proudly make chocolate with gifts from mesmerising Arctic nature, and of course, we couldn’t forget to create delicious sweets with pure wild Nordic berries! You can try our luscious dark chocolate bars with:

Sea Buckthorn – One of the most loved! This berry grows by the sea of Nordic lands, and we guarantee that you will be amazed by its beauty and flavour as soon as you unwrap this Taiga Chocolate bar. Try it here!

Bilberries – Yes, you read correctly. Not blueberries, they are bilberries! A cuter, smaller and rarer version of blueberries with a more compelling taste. Explore it now!   

Lingonberries – Freshly picked in Finnish forests, this Nordic berry is also known as cowberry and surprises with the delicious combination of acidity and sweetness. Do you dare to taste it?


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