7 Really Good Reasons Why You Should Visit Finland

Whether you are playing with the idea of planning a vacation to Finland either now or in the near future, after reading through our list of seven incredible reasons why you should visit Finland, your flights will be booked before you even realise it. Are you ready? Let's get started!

Glorious Nordic Nature

reindeer finland taiga chocolate

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You might have heard Finland being described as the country of thousands of lakes, which is very true - In fact, there are over 187,000 of them. Alongside our breathtaking lake sceneries, you will find plenty of mystical Nordic forests wherever you go. These astonishing forests also act as a nurturing home to our wild super berries to be found in Taiga Chocolate. Overall, whether you are looking for a serene archipelago, northern lights and snowy landscapes, or just a quiet moment dedicated to your self in the woods - you will find it in Finland.  

Clean, Unpolluted Arctic Air

clear air finland

Following the mesmerising Finnish nature, let's move on to a clean and unpolluted Arctic air. The air in Finland is one the cleanest you can find on this planet. Especially if you are living in a hectic metropolis, when travelling to somewhere as pure as Finland, the fresh Arctic air will fill your lungs within your first breath. A fun fact; the clean air located in the coniferous forests is good for human health and wellbeing, which makes them worth visiting if you are planning on to strengthen your immune system.

Finnish People's Charming Characteristics

charming people finland

It could be said that Finns are folk of extraordinary people. We are all about honesty, integrity and true friendship. The process of becoming friends might take a while, and some of us may seem a little bit shy at first glance, but Finns just are a bit of slowly warming people. However, once you get to know us and manage to establish that special bond of trust, there is no going back or getting rid of us!

Relaxing Sauna Culture

Sauna culture finland

Now, if you are wondering what the best way of establishing that special bond which is needed for true friendship is, just look for the nearest sauna! That should not be too difficult, as there are approximately 2 million saunas in Finland (and only 5,5 million people!). Definitely another great reason why you should visit Finland, without a doubt. Saunas are made to be relaxed and enjoyed. At first, it might sound a bit odd to sit in a wooden shack, naked, with random people - but once you get used to it, it is kind of relaxing. If you are feeling a bit stressed or just need to get something off your heart, the sauna is the place to share your joys and sorrows while receiving everyone's full support and understanding.

To make your unwinding sauna session even better, enjoy some Taiga Chocolate in the sunset while sitting a pier watching the sunset. Truly a Finnish moment you must experience, and should be enough of a reason to be packing your bags already!

Nordic Happiness

happiest country finland

According to the report by the United Nations, Finland has been selected as the happiest country in the world - two years in a row. Travel to Finland and discover the secret of Nordic happiness, in fact, it is quite simple - Finding the joy in the little things in life, like a tasteful piece of luxurious handcrafted Taiga Chocolate in a cozy summer cottage, or by the campfire in Lapland while admiring the Northen lights.  

Divine Finnish Food

blueberries finland

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Finnish food should already be one of the main reasons why you should visit Finland. The Finnish cuisine is exceptional; it has a lot of similarities with traditional Scandinavian food but enriched with its own twists. In Finland, you should try everything from Karelian pies to sautéed reindeer, which is a traditional food enjoyed especially in the Northern parts of the country. When talking about all the delicious food you can try out in Finland, let's not forget the Finnish chocolate, which is one of a kind.

Taiga Chocolate holds more adventurous approach for what it comes to Finnish chocolate making. Our flavours possess the most unique combinations you could ever imagine, including Dark Chocolate with Reindeer Crisps - a must try for every chocolate explorer!

Opportunity to Enjoy Silence & Peaceful Environment

finland in summer

Sometimes, all you desire is pure silence and a peaceful moment to yourself. We assure, if you travel to Finland, you will have an opportunity to sit back and relax while enjoying the spectacular Finnish nature. The only sound you will be hearing is the breeze of the wind - and you open up an irresistible package of Taiga Chocolate.

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