New Retailers in Finland & Around the World

It has been a busy autumn for our team-Taiga Chocolate – plenty of wonderful things have happened, and we couldn’t be any more thankful for the incredible support we have received from you.

Today, we will be introducing our three new retailers in Finland and around the world, which we are incredibly thrilled about. We aim to bring our Nordic chocolates, handcrafted with love, closer to you, and make your shopping as convenient as possible. So, next time you are around one of any of these locations, remember to take a piece of Arctic well-being with you!

  1. RedMart in Singapore

Taiga Chocolate

It probably goes without saying, but one of the absolute highlights of this autumn was our launch at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix at the Arctic Meet Up, hosted by Playhouse Helsinki. It was such a pleasure attending the Arctic Meet Up for the second time this year and joining other magnificent Nordic brands, which we are extremely thankful for. The Singapore launch represented a huge milestone for our brand, something that we could have only dreamed of a little while ago –and now all of this is possible, thanks to you.

We are so pleased with being able to bring a dash of Finnish happiness closer to our dear Singaporean customers. Hopefully, you will sense a sparkle of Nordic magic whilst enjoying our unique treats infused with the Arctic sun. With that said, our organic chocolates topped can now be discovered on the Redmart platform under the Lazada channel — be sure to check them out!

  1. FineFood-stores at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Passing through Helsinki-Vantaa Airport? We have got some wonderful news for you! No matter whether you are arriving or departing, now you have a chance to purchase our Nordic nature-inspired treats at all the FineFood stores in Helsinki Airport. What a great chance to get familiar with some of our national flavours (for example, hand-picked Nordic berries and reindeer) before even exiting the airport. And of course, if you are leaving Finland behind, this will be an opportunity to take some of a piece of Finnish nature with you back home. 

Bonus! If you are in the classical situation: “Didn’t have time to buy any souvenirs other than from the airport”, this will take it to a whole new level!

  1. Arctic TreeHouseHotel at Rovaniemi, Finland

Taiga Chocolate Arctic Treehouse Hotel

You might have heard about the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel that is located in Rovaniemi, Finland. In fact, the luxurious and award-winning Finnish hotel recently appeared in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian's when Kourtney Kardashian travelled to Lapland for her children spring break. The Arctic TreeHouseHotel is a definite dream location for anyone who’s travelling to the northern parts of Finland—an experience that you won’t forget. What makes it even better is that they are one of our latest retailers, as well! So, if you're lucky enough to stay in this modern Arctic boutique hotel, make sure to take a bar or two of our mouth-watering treats into your room while you gaze at the serene scenery of Finnish Lapland.

Not around these locations? See the full list of our beloved retailers here!

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