Sea Buckthorn Benefits

Health, quality and flavour…these are the keywords used to describe our unique range of products to you.

As most of you already know, we offer an exotic array of chocolates consisting of some extraordinary and wonderful gifts from Mother Nature herself! Do you dare to taste? Tickle your taste buds with our very own Sea Buckthorn chocolate. This exciting combination will certainly cook up a pleasant storm inside you, not only is Sea Buckthorn mouth-wateringly enjoyable but it also has a considerable amount of nutritional benefits for all you health fanatics out there!

Sea Buckthorn benefits those of you with dry eye symptoms

Sea Buckthorn Benefits 1How does Sea Buckthorn reduce those dry-looking eyes? If you suffer from this, you could get the relief you need by consuming the berry. The linolenic acid within the Sea Buckthorn is an anti-inflammatory, and it is rich in vitamin E which can protect your eyes from oxidative damage.

Sea Buckthorn benefits your heart and helps to prevent cardiovascular disease

The carotenoids and flavonoids in Sea Buckthorn help lower cholesterol, platelet aggregation, blood pressure and blood sugar. What’s not to love about this fruit? Sea Buckthorn also helps to improve cell health, and it aids in the prevention of cardiac cell death from oxidative stress and injuries.

Sea Buckthorn benefits your immune system

Sea Buckthorn is loaded with antioxidants that help protect and strengthen the immune system. It is high in vitamin C which has been proven to fight various forms of cancer. Food for thought!

Sea Buckthorn benefits your ability to fight depression

Sea buckthorn benefits - image of sea buckthorn chocolateSome of you might have heard of serotonin, also known as the ‘happy hormone’. Those of you who suffer from depression can continue to find comfort in not only chocolate but the delicious flavours and benefits within Sea Buckthorn. *Crowd cheers*. 

Sea Buckthorn benefits your hormones that control fat storage

No need to feel guilty about your last cheat day, maybe it was today. We don’t mind though because you need to look no further than Sea Buckthorn! Sea Buckthorn contains a specific type of Omega 7 called palmitoleic acid which has been shown to affect the hormones that control fat storage, helping to inhibit hormonal activities that signal the body to store excess glucose as fat.

Sea Buckthorn benefits those with inflammations on the skin. It’s an acne deterrent!

image of sea buckthorn chocolate - sea buckthorn benefitsNeed we say more?

Sea Buckthorn benefits your liver and pancreas

Alfatoxins produced by species of fungi that contaminate corn, peanuts and tree nut crops. Sea Buckthorn helps normalise liver enzymes and serum bile acids.

All said and done we can safely say that Sea Buckthorn has endless benefits for you that will improve both your mental and physical performance as well as your appearance and self-esteem. For infinite satisfaction and all-around health, transformation buy Taiga’s dark chocolate with Sea Buckthorn Today!

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