Say Hi For Taiga's New Flavour & Explore The Best Gift Idea For Christmas

It’s not too long until one of the most magical seasons of the year will be here - Christmas. To celebrate this mesmerising and exciting occasion, we here at Taiga have created something outstandingly special for you. We’ve collaborated with the Cozy Publishing design studio to deliver our dear customers some unique, enchanting Christmas spirit!

Let us introduce you the must-haves for Christmas 2018; the fascinating ‘I am Santa Claus’ –book offers you a special glance into Santa Claus's life and the source of pure happiness and joy. This incredible book, filled with the festive spirit is written by Heli Thorén. Moreover, the most stunning illustrations are created by Silja-Maria Wihersaari. If anything, this book will offer you a chance to forget the sometimes hectic & stressful outside world - and indeed let yourself absorb in the intriguing world of Korvatunturi, and charming Finnish Lapland.

The fantastic news doesn’t end here; in fact, we have another delightful surprise for you all Christmas loving little elves. We’ve created a new unique chocolate flavour for this Christmas to treat your every sense. Here comes Santa’s favourite; A luscious White Chocolate with freeze-dried cranberry. What’s a Christmas book and this particular time of the year without some delicious 'made in Finland' Christmas chocolate to be enjoyed with?

As said, this heavenly treat is made by special recipe received from Santa Claus’ himself, and it contains a true Arctic magic; freeze-dried cranberries to balance out the sweetness of white chocolate. A perfect combination of sweet and bitterness resulting from a symphony of flavours. We can definitely guarantee one bite isn’t enough, and if you are enjoying this chocolate on a Christmas Eve while waiting for Santa Claus to arrive, you might want to buy an extra one just in case (since we can’t guarantee any of yours will be left for him to taste).

If you wonder what to get for Christmas for your family members, friends or colleagues, a gift package of ‘I am Santa Claus’ –book and the Santa Claus chocolate would be a great choice to delight your loved ones, a perfect gift for anyone who believes in him. Enjoyed alone or together, this gift spreads warm and loving Christmas spirit.

The gift package and the Santa Claus Chocolate are already available on our online store, and just to let you know we just received some top-secret information from Santa’s little helpers; Seems like this gift set is amongst the most wanted presents this year.

Ps. ‘I am Santa Claus’-book along with Taiga's Christmas flavour are both available also at Artek Helsinki. Artek is one of the most iconic and prestigious Finnish design brands, and it's a great honour for us to stay with them during the most magical seasons of the year! 

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